Bathroom Amenity Baskets

Bathroom Amenity Baskets

 Bathroom Amenity Baskets

If you’re not familiar with the wedding world, you might be asking yourself what are bathroom amenity baskets or hospitality baskets. Wedding bathroom baskets or amenity baskets are filled with goodies that your friends and family may need while celebrating with you.

The basket doesn’t have to be overly fancy.  Just big enough to hold all of your goodies! Shop the travel-sized aisle to keep costs down.


Bathroom Amenity Baskets

So what’s in the bathroom amenity baskets? I’m so glad that you asked. A little of everything!

Lady’s Room:

~ Mints                                    ~ Hair Elastics

~ Hairspray                             ~ Bobby Pins

~ Tissue                                   ~ Tide-to-Go Stick

~ Spritzer/Perfume                  ~ Lint Roller

~ Mouthwash                          ~ Q-tips

~ Dental Floss                         ~ Clear Nail Polish

~ Hand Lotion                        ~ Mini Sewing Kit

~ Feminine Products               ~ Scissors

~ Blotting Sheets                    ~ Tums

~ Band Aides                          ~ Imodium

~ Moleskin                              ~ Eye Drops

~ Safety Pins                           ~ Advil or Ibuprofen

Items you may not have thought of for the ladies: Earring backs & Double Sided Tape

Men’s Room:

~ Mints                                    ~ Lint roller

~ Hair Gel                               ~ Safety Pins

~ Tissue                                   ~ Mini Sewing Kit

~ Cologne                               ~ Scissors

~ Mouthwash                          ~ Tums

~ Dental Floss                         ~ Imodium

~ Hand Lotion                        ~ Eye Drops

~ Band Aides                          ~ Advil or Ibuprofen

~ Tide-to-Go stick

Items you may not have thought of for the guys: Instant Hem & Cuff Fabric Tape

Want to add an extra “little personal touch”?

Include a framed engagement photo, poem or note next to each basket addressed to your guests. Below are a couple of more well know poem examples.

“Please Help Yourself”

So happy you’re here sharing our special day. But just in case something should go astray:

Please help yourself to the contents within, Mouthwash, hand lotion or ibuprofen

Use what you need, and just leave the rest. For it may be useful to some other guest!

Repair the damage that may have been done, Then quick!  Hurry back and join in the fun! 

~ Compliments of the Bride & Groom ~

Dear Guests,
Whether your skin feels dry or your hair out of place
You’re not feeling so fresh or whatever the case
We’ve put together a basket to help you along
Now hurry back out before you miss the next song!

~ Compliments of the Bride & Groom ~


Are you doing Bathroom Amenity Baskets?  What amenities will you supply your guests?

The baskets are a nice DIY project or one that you can delegate to your wedding planner or bridesmaids.

Happy Planning!

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