Planning A Savannah Destination Wedding

Planning A Savannah Destination Wedding

Planning A Savannah Destination Wedding

Over the past 13 years I have watched Savannah become a  top destination wedding location.  Loaded with rich history, culture, charm and romance,  our beautiful city attracts hundreds of couples yearly. There is no doubt that Savannah provides endless possibilities to the destination bride.

Having a Savannah Destination Wedding  is quite cost effective and can save the prospective couple thousands of dollars on their wedding. Destination weddings  also provide great mini-vacations for the guests.

As Senior Planner for KYM Signature, I have found that the typical destination bride, desires that her wedding be  ultra chic and leave her guests with an indelible  “wow” effect. Assembling family and friends to a destination location such as Savannah creates amazing memories. It can also provide a special place for the bridal couple to come back and celebrate their anniversaries for many years to come.

However, planning a destination wedding can be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with the area. Guest accommodations, travel arrangements, guest transportation, finding the right venue,  locating the perfect photographer  are only a few of the components needed in planning a perfectly executed destination wedding.  There are numerous details and with the bridal couple living so far away oftentimes many of these important get overlooked. The bridal couple should be able to enjoy their celebration, instead of worrying about caterers, photographers or timing the delivery of the bridal flowers.

I believe that proper planning and all of the intimate and signature details are the keys to having a “Fabulous” Destination Wedding. Hiring a local planner to handle all of the details, both large and small is one of the best decisions that a bride can make in the destination wedding planning process. By hiring a local planner a bride alleviates  an enormous amount of stress.

A planner assists in finding the perfect wedding and reception venue, securing vendors, making telephone calls. and  running errands.  Another reason hiring a planner is beneficial is that they save you from making unnecessary trips to the destination location. A planner also takes care of everything behind the scenes on your wedding day, therefore allowing you time to relax and have fun.  The  goal for each of my destination brides is to have a Fabulous, Memorable, Stress  and Hassle Free Day!

When  planning a destination wedding flexibility is a must!. An enormous  amount of destination weddings takes place in Savannah’s  Historic Parks and Squares.   A back-up or alternative plan is another crucial  detail when planning a destination wedding that happens to be outside.  Another benefit of having a local point of contact is they are capable of spinning on a dime in the event of inclement weather. This is very helpful  as you want nothing short of a smooth transition for you and your guests into the back-up plan or location.

How does one select the right destination wedding planner?  I recommend  calling the Better Business Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce or the Visitor’s Bureau. They have resources available right at their fingertips and  can offer you invaluable assistance with locating the right  local planner. is another great online resource as it puts Savannah’s best right at your finger tips.  One of the many features of that I love, is there are vendor reviews and testimonies directly on the vendor’s profile from previous clients.

This gives you a wonderful feel for the planner and is an important resource for the decision making process.

Local planners are a wealth of knowledge and most often they have wedding packets on hand from various vendors that list the services that you will need to plan your dream destination wedding.

From my experience in the industry, having  a  team of knowledgeable professionals  lays a solid foundation and helps to insure that your wedding day will be one of  the best days of your life.  A stress-free  engagement is truly possible and you can be confident that your special day will be everything that you imagined it to be!

Planning Your Honeymoon Adventure

Planning Your Honeymoon Adventure

Planning Your Honeymoon Adventure

The wedding is just the beginning.  There’s plenty of excitement that goes along with planning your honeymoon adventure as well, from choosing a travel adventure to deciding on what to bring along on the journey.  And for many, planning this great “escape” is just as important as planning the actual wedding.  Regardless of where you decide to go, there are some things you should know to make it the kind of experience you want it to be.

First, you must decide on a budget.  If money is not an issue, bon-voyage!  However,  if you’re like most engaged couples, you’re already paying more than you anticipated.  Establish a budget and use it as a guide.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want an all-inclusive, one-price-does-it-all, leave-the-wallet-at-home type of trip, or a more do-it-yourself package with car rental, lodging, food, and activities on an a la carte basis.  Cruises technically fall under the all-inclusive category, as do resorts.

Of course, honeymoon budgeting takes on a new meaning if you decide to do a “destination wedding”.  These are becoming very popular as more and more couples decide to forego the traditional wedding costs in addition to the honeymoon expense.  There are especially popular with second marriages.  It’s easier to get married in some countries than others, so be sure to check with a reliable source, like a country’s consulate or the U.S. Department of State, before making any arrangements.

Now you need to book and pay for this trip.  Many honeymoon suppliers offer special rates for early booking, which may or may not include airfare.  Packages that include airfare can offer significant savings because retailers buy airline seats in at a discount, then package hotel, and sometimes car rentals as well.

You may also want to consider using a honeymoon gift registry to help with expenses.  Check with your local travel agent to see if they offer this kind of service or you can investigate more on the internet.  A good place to start is at

Honeymoon registries allow guests, friends and family to contribute toward specific elements of your honeymoon, like shore excursions, parasailing, spa services, and tours.