Tents: A Blank Slate and Creative Palette

Tents: A Blank Slate and Creative Palette

Tents: A Blank Slate and Creative Palette

There’s nothing quite like a wedding reception in a tent, with its uniquely informal atmosphere, customized decor and proximity to the elements outdoors.

Weddings and receptions with an outdoor component are incredibly popular in the warm months. And, with larger, more sophisticated tent structures boasting such comforts as built-in heating, tent receptions are even taking hold in the colder seasons as well.

Yet tents are so much more than simply shelter. I love tented receptions for their natural intimacy, and creative possibilities.

One of the nicest things about tent receptions is the creative possibilities they enable. Unlike the typical reception hall, a tent is indeed like a blank slate upon which you can build your own world, creating exactly the atmosphere you desire for your grand celebration.

This not only makes your reception more memorable for you and your guests, but also makes possible a unique and powerful set of visual elements that will translate to beautiful memories. A tent gives you the creative freedom to visual construct the venue of your dreams

Because the canvas is bare you don’t to work around the existing décor of a venue, which oftentimes clash with the overall theme and look that you are trying to achieve. With tents you have more latitude to create a specific feel.

If you use a tent’s creative freedom wisely, you can assure an environment that not only reflects your own aesthetic, but also creates a sense of warm intimacy that would be difficult, if not impossible, in most banquet halls.

The direct proximity to the outdoors opens up an entirely new dynamic of atmosphere and social interaction.

From a distance, at nighttime the tent just glows. They have a very warm and cozy feeling. Receptions are all about creating the sense of intimacy-the sense of space and place. Tent weddings/receptions are romantic and magical. I feel brides always look for these key elements when planning their wedding.

A tent changes the dynamics, climate and culture of an event. Most importantly tents give you a blank slate and creative palette that gives you the ability to design your dream wedding.


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About The Author:  Karen Y. Moore is an award winning wedding planner and the Lead Planner of KYM Signature (http://kymsignature.com). Karen is also the author of The Keep It Sweet & Simple (KISS) Method of Wedding Planning (http://thekissmethod.com).